I am Sandra. I’ve always loved making people more beautiful through the works of my hands. I discovered that I was good at designing one-of-a-kind jewelry that can be worn independently or combined with my clients’ treasured objects such as photos to create memorable/priceless photo jewelry, gifts, and keepsakes. 

It all started with photo jewelry. We all love to take pictures that end up stored in photo albums, desk drawers or in our cameras. I wanted to create a fantastic way for fashionistas to proudly display their cherished memories and personal flair. One-of-a-kinds. Designs that were limited editions. Photo jewelry is just that. I incorporated beautiful gemstones that I sensed someone would love. Quickly growing in popularity, the reactions to customers receiving their photo jewelry for the first time was amazing. I knew I was onto something awesome based upon the many tears of joy. The size of the images and unique style was different that it ‘popped’ off the wrist. It was the perfect gift or accessory that brought joy and tears upon opening the box.

Based on the repeated responses, reactions, and everyone around, I knew it was a creative calling. I believe you are one-of-a-kind. So wear you!



“When you wear Love Thy Jewelry, you’ve bought a quality piece totally unique and special. A one-of-a-kind just like you!”


In my career, I’ve also worked in the entertainment and magazine industry for over ten years. During that time, I was amazed at the amount of time, effort, money, and other resources people would dedicate to the maintenance of their beauty and purpose. This made me reflect on what could be timeless beauty and purpose, something that would be visible while also adding a sparkle to one’s inner life. Thinking about soul beauty led me to precious gemstones, the way they light up one’s appearance while uplifting and soothing the soul. They not only add grace to the wearer but also enhance one’s well-being. They look delicate, yet powerful. They possess the right balance to help us maintain a positive outlook in our everyday and busy/stressful lives. I like working with these gems and I hope you can feel the joy and fulfillment in these treasures. 

In my other work—with a wonderful commercial real estate company—again, beauty, longevity, functionality, purpose, and affordability are major concerns for me and the clients. I take what I learn into all aspects of my lived experiences. Whether I am creating beautiful handmade pieces at night, or at work in the day time, making something of value for others continues to inspire me. This inspiration in ordinary life and things makes me appreciate the everydayness and uniqueness in all of us. When you wear any of my beads and gemstones, you become part of this polished uniqueness that is also you. 

 Everything in my shop is hand-blessed and crafted by me. There’s some serious TLC behind scenes!